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Consulting (Digital-Marketing-Business) Services

There’s more than one way to benefit from Gemini’s Advanced Marketing Solutions. Even if you’re not looking to start a full partnership right now, we can make your marketing better. That’s why we offer fully personalized digital marketing consulting services for teams of any size or experience level. This consulting isn’t just educational, either; it’s just as measurably impactful as the rest of our services. We have the data to prove it.

Consultation You Can Measure

Gemini’s consultations are 100% customized to your needs. Our Process Plan is based on your goals, budget, experience, and timeframe. We make teaching you how to remain effective, self-sustaining digital marketers one of our primary, measured goals – regardless of when our contract expires. In our view, consultation is only truly valuable if it lasts after we’re gone.

That’s not just something we say to sound trustworthy, either: we’ll have you independently measure our performance throughout your consultation. During regular reporting and evaluation meetings, you’ll evaluate exactly how we’re doing and how we could be doing better. We can even  reassess and refine the program on the fly to better provide what you need. By the end of any consultation contract, you won’t just feel like we’ve provided value; you’ll have the skills and data to measure it.

Meet our Team

How It Works

How Does Consulting Work at Gemini?


This is where we get to know you.


This is where we figure out exactly what you need.

Project Plan

This is where we figure out exactly how we can help.

Plan Discussion

This is where we show you how we’ll help.


This is where we teach your team what they need to know.


This is where we make sure we achieve your goals.

Who Does It

Who Does Consulting at Gemini?

That depends on what we’re consulting on! Our Client Success department (below) leads our consulting program, but they’ll tap any members of our whole team depending on your needs. Tell us what you need and we’ll put together a team of our most qualified experts to teach it to you.

Lindsey Ziegahn

Director of Client Success

Email Lindsey Connect with Lindsey

Clair Salyer

Senior Project Manager

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Chris Rennie

Client Success Manager

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Jenna Herschberger

Project Manager

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