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Content marketers tend to get a bad rap as mere blog writers, creating quick, “fire and forget” content to compete for this or that keyword. That isn’t how content marketing has worked for a long time, however – at least, not at Gemini. Instead, Gemini’s Content Marketing strategies become an integral part of your brand – online and beyond – by learning your audience, adopting your voice, and driving results.

Content That Connects

We don’t know how other marketers expect to write about your business without careful research, but we sure can’t. Our team writes by getting to know your business and audience as thoroughly as possible, and then framing everything we write around them. Just like Gemini is a goals-focused agency, every single piece we write for you has a strictly defined place in our team’s strategy.

It’s not just our content’s strategy, either. Content may be “King,” but a good ruler serves their people! Our Content Marketing is Advanced because our writers and strategists are connected to every aspect of your brand’s strategy. We know what your marketing teams are doing and write to support it. Your content serves your marketing just like your marketing serves our content. The result is content that isn’t just high-quality or SEO friendly; it actually fulfills your goals.

Meet our Team

How It Works

How Does Content Marketing Work at Gemini?


This is where our partnership starts.

Content & Competitive Audit

This is where we figure out how we can make your site better.

Persona Development

This is where we figure out who your site should be speaking to.

User Journey Development

This is where we figure out how your personas use your site.

Keyword Identification

This is where we determine how to make your site visible.

Content Strategy & Editorial Calendar Creation

This is where we create your custom content plan.

Content Development

This is where we create your custom content.

Measurement & Reporting

This is where we figure out how we’re doing.

Continuous Refinement

This is where we keep getting better.

Who Does It

Who Does Content Marketing at Gemini?

harry mackin

Harry Mackin

Content Manager

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malena larson

Malena Larsen


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