Keeping homes cozy in the winter and cool in the summer is no small feat. Managing a dedicated HVAC marketing program while running your business is a whole other challenge. As a digital marketing agency that specializes in home services, Gemini helps HVAC companies fill their calendars. We understand how seasonal lulls, economic downturn and a competitive landscape can affect business and we’ve developed solutions to combat them.

From optimizing your online presence to engaging directly with your community, we’ll cover eight key HVAC marketing strategies. Following these tips will enhance your visibility, attract more customers and set the stage for long-term growth.

Infographic with 8 strategies to market an HVAC business.

1. Optimize Your HVAC Website for Search Engines 

Your website is your digital storefront and search engines are the vehicles that bring customers to your doorstep. Search engine optimization (SEO) uses keyword research to understand what your potential customers are searching for. Search terms such as “AC repair near me” or “best HVAC services” generate a ranked list of results. You want to be at the top of this list so that customers call you first.

HVAC SEO marketing is a long-term strategy that requires dedicated monitoring and updating. It involves identifying and incorporating keywords into your website’s content, meta descriptions and titles in a natural, reader-friendly way. An SEO expert will also work behind the scenes to maintain your web site’s overall health and to add schema or specialized code to web pages. This code helps search engines understand the information contained on the page and can improve their rankings. 

2. Leverage Local SEO

GBP listing for Gemini marketing.

When a homeowner’s furnace goes out in the middle of a cold snap, they’re not going to wait around. They’ll look for the nearest provider to get their HVAC system working again. Position your company at the top of local search results with an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP). 

By enhancing your profile with local keywords and providing helpful information about your services, your business will get those emergency calls first. Your GBP also allows customers to submit reviews. Collecting positive reviews from satisfied customers boosts your local SEO, increases your credibility and builds trust for your business. 

3. Engage Customers with HVAC Social Media Marketing

Organic Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool to connect with your community. Use it to share tips on maintaining HVAC systems, offer special promotions and give a behind-the-scenes look at your team in action. An engaging social media presence builds awareness and promotes your expertise. 

Paid Social Media

Use targeted social media advertising to reach further and generate more customers. You can monitor engagement rates and use the data to create the types of ads and posts that more people want to see. 

4. Create Useful HVAC Content

Start a blog or a video series offering HVAC maintenance tips, energy-saving advice or insights into the latest HVAC technologies. This not only positions you as an authority in your field but also helps with SEO. For example,when customers troubleshoot their cooling system, you want them to discover your blog on “5 Signs You Need a New AC Unit.” 

The online home services landscape is competitive and it takes carefully crafted content to get noticed. A trained HVAC content writer–like those at Gemini– who specializes in home services and knows the difference between a thermocouple and an ignitor can position your business ahead of the pack. 

5. Start an HVAC Email Marketing Campaign

Send regular email blasts to keep your business top-of-mind with your customers through company updates, seasonal promotions and maintenance reminders. You can build your email list through a form on your website or via daily service calls.

Email is a proven HVAC marketing strategy that promotes return business and builds loyalty. Through A/B testing you can experiment with subject lines, email copy, design and CTAs so that your messaging reaches more inboxes and fewer spam folders.

6. Target with Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

HVAC PPC marketing can place your business in front of customers in urgent need of your services. Target your ads based on specific services, such as “emergency AC repair” or “furnace installation,” to attract the most relevant leads.

Running a paid advertising program that maximizes your budget while outbidding your competition requires careful execution and constant tweaking. Trust your campaigns to an expert who understands how to navigate search engines and leverage the various tools available. 

7. Elevate Your Website Design

A well-designed website not only attracts potential customers but it also provides them with the information they need to choose your services confidently. Use a clean, easy-to-navigate layout that allows visitors to quickly find what they’re looking for on any device. Don’t leave your website at the mercy of a discount content management system (CMS), use a well-established provider such as WordPress.  Remember, Google loves a site that loads fast, so ensure your site is speedy and mobile-friendly.

Because your website is the focal point of your marketing efforts, don’t settle for amateur designs or do-it-yourself solutions. Just as you wouldn’t recommend a homeowner replace their furnace on their own, we don’t recommend you redesign your website on your own. Use a professional team that aligns graphics, user experience, SEO and content to create a HVAC website design that customers can’t resist.

8. Make Gemini Your HVAC Marketing Agency

Two HVAC technicians service a heat pump.

Marketing for HVAC and home services companies is our specialty. Put our experience to work for you with strategies that bring in more customers, build your brand and grow your HVAC business. We’re always responsive to your business’s needs and we pivot quickly when markets change. We back our efforts with clear, transparent data that we regularly share with you through meetings and reporting. To learn more and put your HVAC business ahead of your competitors, contact the Gemini team today!