Expanding Business for a Telematics Company with a State-of-the-Art Website: Zubie Rental and Fleet Connect

Zubie is a leader in fleet tracking applications for automotive and trucking industries. They came to us wanting to simplify and improve their existing url structure, bring dissonant subdomains under a common domain and establish a scalable architecture that could accommodate Zubie’s growing product line.

Zubie described their current website as “too old” and complained that when they made updates, “things got broken.” They envisioned a clean new website with:

• The ability to make changes quickly and easily
• Improved speed
• Easier user navigation
• Better lead generation and conversion
• Stronger blog integration
• The ability to track visits to specific pages
• Easy to navigate back end
• Updated content that leverages SEO

Understanding the Client

Creating a Roadmap that Exceeds Expectations

Our goal with Zubie was to create an optimized, intuitive website that was both easy to navigate and sustainably managed to increase prospect conversion.

Zubie not only needed a website that stopped traffic with its striking visuals and navigable interface, they needed a website that was optimized with strong SEO support to bring new traffic in.

Design, SEO and Analytics had to be carefully synchronized to deliver results at every level. We needed to get in the driver’s seat of a company that managed large fleets of trucks and rental vehicles. Gemini would have to make them stand out as leaders and innovators well ahead of the pack.

Partnership and Process

Remarkable Results ...

Pave the Road to Success

Site Health

After the launch of Zubie’s new site, their site health score jumped from 60% to 82%.


With the implementation of new, improved analytics, we are able to track Zubie’s performance for organic traffic, leads, conversions and page rankings.


Using this data we can add or optimize content, update schema and keep Zubie competitive in an ever changing digital landscape.

Experience the Difference a New Custom Website Can Make

Zubie is a telematics company that specializes in fleet management tools. They offer GPS tracking, vehicle health monitoring, driver performance and other services for the rental and freight industries.

Tour Zubie.com to see how we streamlined Zubie’s products and services into an easy-to-navigate user experience where technical information and company support are always easy to find.

Visit zubie.com