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Gemini’s organic team uses AI tools for SEO and content to improve our work, streamline our processes, and to enhance our capabilities. By continually exploring new ways to use ChatGPT-4 for SEO and content, we’ve landed on some winning strategies that help our clients rank better organically. In this blog, we’ll go over a few of the recent discoveries that prove AI delivers results when it comes to SEO and content marketing.

4 Ways We Use ChatGPT-4 for SEO

1. Bulk Data Analysis

Analyzing large sets of data can be time consuming and tedious. By using the Advanced Data Analysis plugin on ChatGPT-4, we can upload large numbers of datasets and have the tool extract necessary information. This saves SEO practitioners time and brain power so that they can focus on the strategy. 

Application: AI can filter data to analyze keywords, compare information among multiple datasets, summarize data, create tables and charts, and extract requested information. 

2. FAQ Ideation

Not only do FAQ sections provide helpful information for users but they’re also a great way to work more SEO-friendly keywords into website pages. However, knowing which questions to answer isn’t always cut and dry. 

When our team needs inspiration around popular questions for a certain industry, we often use ChatGPT-4 to generate ideas. The content team takes those ideas and drafts customized, keyword-rich questions and answers.

Application: Quickly and easily create new, keyword-rich FAQ sections that help pages rank higher and appear in SERP features.

3. Metadata Creation

Metadata creation is an important part of every SEO’s job. When we’re working on metadata for a new client, a new set of pages, or we’re unsure where to begin, AI can be a great resource by providing the appropriate structure that we can then tweak with keywords, messaging, or CTAs. 

AI can be particularly useful when we need to bulk update metadata for a large number of pages or shorten a description down to fit appropriate character count without changing the meaning.  

Application: Create keyword-rich meta descriptions that boost a page’s digital presence.

4. Competitive Analysis

Competitive analyses are a helpful and necessary way to ideate new strategies for our SEO and content clients. 

To increase efficiency, ChatGPT-4 can review page metadata, heading structure, linking structure, content, and more. We can compare this data across multiple pages and plot it in charts or summaries that are invaluable for strategy and data analysis.

Application: Have ChatGPT-4 perform data analysis and page comparison to determine how to outrank your competition.

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4 Ways We Use ChatGPT-4 to Develop Content

1. Persona Development

Developing a persona with ChatGPT-4 before creating a piece of content improves the output. A clearly defined persona allows for tailored topic ideas, rich and accurate information, and strong CTAs that are geared toward the specific user our clients want to reach. 

If we use generic responses without establishing a persona, we risk being penalized by Google’s helpful content updates which demote content that isn’t user-friendly or doesn’t provide valuable information.

Application: Build a persona for a client that helps AI understand their target audience and deliver personalized content results.

2. Topic Research and Gap Analysis

After establishing the persona in ChatGPT-4, the content practitioner can prompt the tool to provide blog topic ideas. This step may also include a content gap analysis where we compare content on our client’s site with content on a competitor site. By identifying topics or keywords that perform well for the competition, we can create authoritative content that boosts our client’s digital presence in searches for them.

Application: Use ChatGPT-4 to analyze competitors and create a list of content topics.

3. Content Outlines

Starting a blog with a concise content outline that includes a compelling intro, well-organized information, and a strong CTA is key. By prompting ChatGPT-4 with a specific blog topic or header (H1), it can generate a working outline based on the persona we’ve created. 

Our content team refines and verifies this information and drafts the blog. It’s important that a human writer drafts the final product to keep brand voice consistent, maintain accuracy, and add relevant keywords.

Application: Set yourself up for success by organizing and refining blog structure and content with a clear outline that serves the intended purpose of the content.

4. Content Proofing and Editing

Once a blog is drafted, our content practitioner will utilize ChatGPT-4 to make suggestions on phrasing, readability, subject-verb agreement, and other issues to improve clarity and professionalism. Additionally, it can be a great tool for finding brand-specific issues such as terminology to avoid or include. 

Application: AI provides another “set of eyes” that help ensure all final content is clear, concise, and error-free.

The Benefit of AI Tools for SEO and Content

Our job is to serve our clients. Relying on AI without a critical eye or simply cutting and pasting content directly from ChatGPT-4 would be disastrous. 

Conversely, exploring the potential of these powerful tools and utilizing them in proven, controlled ways has yielded great results. Here are a few of the ways AI automations have improved our work and benefited our clients:

New Efficiencies

Content team members can streamline their creative process and generate even more personalized content. SEO team members can review specific datasets and website information at scale.

Deeper Strategy

With a streamlined AI workflow, the Gemini team spends less time on repetitive tasks and more time reviewing results and strategizing. This translates into more enhanced and personalized program strategies for our clients.

Faster Goal Attainment 

Moving through projects and initiatives at a quicker pace means that we will likely achieve our clients’ SEO and content goals faster.

Sharper Competitive Edge

By leveraging machine learning algorithms, we review larger datasets and extrapolate competitive trends more efficiently. We tailor information from ChatGPT-4 and other AI tools to enhance our clients’ competitive presence in organic search results.

Improve Your Organic Search Performance with AI

AI has already proven incredibly valuable for SEO and content and you can be sure that our team will continue to implement these tools in new and effective ways. Want to learn more about how AI content and SEO automations can increase your digital presence? Contact Gemini today