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#1 Google Confirms The Real Time Penguin Algorithm Is Coming Soon

Back in July, Gary Illyes told us that Penguin was months away, and we are almost there. Illyes was overly cautious and would not give us a timeline or date, but he did imply it would be happening soon.

This version of the Penguin algorithm will be real-time, at least that is the goal, Gary said. That means that as soon as Google discovers that a link is removed or disavowed, the Penguin algorithm will process it in real time, and you would be able to recover from a Penguin penalty incredibly quickly. However, you could end up with a Penguin penalty just as quickly. Search Engine Land

#2 Facebook Drops Rich Snippets from Search Results

Facebook rich snippets and their review stars no longer seem to be appearing in Google search results. The change was noticed on Twitter by New York Internet marketing consultant David Markovich, who pointed it out yesterday.

He adds that it could also simply be a bug. Google may have tweaked something, causing the ratings to disappear, only for them to reappear a few days from now. Ultimately, Rogerson says, “There are likely other reasons, but the only people that would know are Google and Facebook. And I doubt anyone there will tell you.” Search Engine Watch

#3 Google May Still Do Something With Authorship Markup in the Future

A little over a year ago it was announced that Google would be ending it’s support for Authorship. The markup already in place on sites would cease to have an effect, and could simply be left alone — no need to go out of your way to remove it.

Illyes advised everyone to keep Authorship markup on their sites if it was already in place. Why? You never know when Google may decide to start using it again, Illyes said. Search Engine Journal

#4 Your Brand Can Be as Famous as Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids, a chewy candy covered in a tart, sugary coating, has become a brand that every teenager knows and many millennials love. At Advertising Week, Farrah Bezner, marketing director of Halls and Candy at Mondelēz International, unveiled the four pillars that helped turn Sour Patch Kids into a cultural icon:

1. Be Unique
2. Show Your Depth
3. Hang Out with Famous People
4. Distinguish Yourself on the Internet


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