A major WordPress update has been shaking things up in the world of web dev. The update that has been rolling out since the beginning of the year will change the way users interact with the platform. This update is intended to make editing and adding content to web pages easier and less intimidating. Gutenberg allows users to create sections of content (or blocks) without the use of coding or heavy development hours.

The idea sounds simple enough, provide ease of access for even the most elementary WordPress user. However, like most tech updates, the first iteration has its quirks. Because of this, Gutenberg isn’t as user-friendly as they say, or not yet at least. The dev team experienced issues when targeting specific items. The team does this by adding class names which allows users to change the color or the font type. Gutenberg doesn’t seem to like this as it would add new list items or additional paragraphs. 

It’s not all doom and gloom, we find the auto-save features helpful to ensure no time is wasted from unexpected outages or a closed browser window. And we believe great potential lies in the simplicity of the drag and drop concept. Also, because blocks can be re-purposed, we can save time by creating multi-purpose blocks that can be used throughout the website. This will have an effect on our process from the initial wireframes, to the final development. These are just a few of the opportunities that arise which will allow users to streamline the build process.Quirks and all, we have implemented and embraced the Gutenberg rollout. Although we have encountered some rough seas while navigating these new waters, we anticipate smooth sailing ahead. Stay posted for more Gutenberg updates to come.