Local community social app Nextdoor has announced an invitation-only beta launch of it’s new self-service advertising platform dubbed the Neighborhood Ad Center (NAC). The popular app is used for hyperlocal information sharing amongst neighbors, civic organizations, service providers, news and local businesses. With a quickly growing user base, 1 in 4 US households now use Nextdoor.

For businesses that have a local community presence, it can be an efficient way to reach residents in very specific areas. Users regularly share recommendations, buy and sell items all filtered by their specific neighborhood boundary. 

The audience on Nextdoor is ideal for product or service providers that want to reach homeowners:

  • 74% Homeowners
  • $90k Median HHI
  • 76% Married w/ Kids
  • 62% Female

Users see the platform as a trusted provider of information. 76% have been influenced by a neighbor recommendation, and 67% have offered a recommendation. Address verification helps ensure that Nextdoor users can trust the people they are engaging with on the app are also members of their community. Additional ad targeting opportunities include location, audience, interest, time of day, and device.

While it’s still in early stages, Nextdoor has provided advertisers with some recommendations for success:

  • Creative messaging should meet members in the Nextdoor mindset, which centers around home, family and community
  • The majority of the traffic is seen in the newsfeed section section, so make creative useful and share content that offers tips, solutions, and advice.
  • Use a neighborly tone of voice and imagery
  • Include local context and the neighborhood/city name where possible
  • Use coupons or offers in ads to see higher engagement. 
  • Implement Nextdoor’s conversion pixel to measure ROI.

Interested in learning more about advertising opportunities on Nextdoor? Reach out to us here at Gemini and we can discuss if this new option could be a valuable addition to your marketing strategy.