TL:DR Version: Zero-click search refers to when a user gets the answer or information they searched for directly on a search engine result page (SERP) without having to click on anything. In 2019 we saw a rise in the number of these types of searches. According to Search Engine Land that number is now over 50%. It pays to develop strategies for search with that in mind.

The Rise of Zero-Click Searches

Search is a constantly changing entity. As we’ve seen already in 2020 with January’s core update, Google is constantly updating their search algorithms, layouts of search, and ad products. They are providing richer content within SERPs and keeping users there longer. On the flip side users are changing the way they search. In recent years the shift has been to asking questions or searching for things “near me”. That trend has reached its logical conclusion in 2019. With over 50% of searches in Google now resulting in no click AT ALL, what does that mean for the value of search? What does it mean for how people are using search to find brands and products? We don’t fully understand the impact that this will have as search continues to change, but what is certain is that as a brand marketing team (with or without an agency) your search strategy in 2020 needs to be put together with this in mind. By taking a two-prong approach, brands will be better positioned.

  1. Constantly pursue increases in click-through rates for your best content and be creative in your copywriting.
  2. Find ways to deliver value and create a relationship without clicks.

Continually working to optimize based on Google’s search is hard work, but your search performance will thank you for it.