Super Bowl XLIX Recap: Budweiser Scores Big on YouTube, Tom Brady Dominates Google Search

Google’s newest stats show that brands invested more on YouTube around this year’s Super Bowl than in years past. And the winner? That would be Budweiser, whose puppy ad was in the lead on YouTube. Other winners were reality star Kim Kardashian’s self-deprecating ad for T-Mobile. Three-time winner of the Super Bowl MVP award, Tom Brady also won the title of “Most Searched Quarterback” on Google in every state, except for the Seahawk’s home Washington. Search Engine Watch

Google Search Ranking Shakeups May Be Linked To Mobile Algorithm Update

David Naylor, of UK Agency Bronco, published a story over the weekend detailing the evidence thus far that points towards a mobile-specific Google algorithm update. Google’s John Mueller says the update was not related to either Panda or Penguin, which leaves the possibility of a new algorithm targeting mobile. Finally, there’s the fact that just two weeks ago Google was sending out warnings to webmasters of non-mobile friendly sites that their search rankings may be impacted. Regardless of a Google update, the best course of action would be to upgrade your site to a mobile-friendly design. Search Engine Journal

Shutterstock 2015 Edition Creative Trends Released

All about those blurred backgrounds, linear icons and unique perspectives. Shutterstock released its 2015 Creative Trends info graphic this week. Among the trends expected to further impact the creative world are slow motion video, hipster design logos, and…the selfie? You heard that right – the selfie’s popularity soared +2166% in 2014. But get ready to dust off those old selfies because 2015 calls for even more growth. Creative Trends 2015 Info Graphic

Quizzes May Be The Final Piece To The Marketing Puzzle

First, marketers need to decide what is the goal of the quiz? The answer should be to either drive social traffic or to increase leads. The bridge between a good quiz and a great quiz you ask?

  1. The quiz needs to be placed in high-traffic channels (aka social media sites)
  2. It will need to entice REAL people, meaning it needs to be relevant – people aren’t stupid (and neither are search engines)
  3. Add some kind of incentive at the end of the quiz, a coupon or give away for example
  4. Finally, the quiz must be user-friendly and mobile-friendly. Qzzr reports that roughly 53% of all quizzes are being taken on mobile devices! Incorporate Quizzes

Facebook Expands Mobile Geo-Targeting With “Place Tips”

The social media giant’s new feature will deliver location-based content for businesses. Facebook is testing a new feature called “Place Tips”, where the company will use signals from cellular networks, Wi-Fi, as well as GPS and beacons to deliver location-based recommendations and information to users’ News Feeds. This will enable the platform to compete with other local search services like Foursquare and Yelp. Currently, “Place Tips” is free for businesses; Facebook has not disclosed if it will monetize the service in the future. Clickz

Speak Now or Later: Do you think Google gave fair enough warning before launching the new algorithm we may be seeing right now? Is the selfie really still a thing and will it actually rise to new heights in 2015? Will Facebook’s new location-based search feature be one step too far against your privacy?