Strong advertising copy is essential to successful, lead generating search ads. The text that makes up your ads could be the difference between a click or a scroll. We get it, the process of writing successful ad copy can sound daunting! However, partnering with an agency like Gemini can mitigate the stressors of ad copy development. We pride ourselves on creating thoughtful, click-worthy ads for all of our clients based on their wants and needs. Let’s break it down: 

Text Ad Basics: What is Ad Copy? 

There is one text ad formats available on Google for all advertisers to use: Responsive Search Ads (RSA) 

What Are Responsive Search Ads?

With RSAs, the advertiser supplies up to 15 different headlines and four descriptions. Google will then dynamically pair three of the headlines and two of the descriptions together, per ad, for the best performance. Overtime, Google will learn which mix of headlines and descriptions work best together with different search queries. 

Before Pen Meets Paper (Or Fingers Meet Keys) 

Let’s talk about how we thoughtfully develop ad copy for our clients. Gemini’s paid media professionals begin by thinking about the goal of each campaign and ad group: 

Ask Yourself What the Goal of the Ad Is 

Are the ads meant to introduce the brand itself, highlight one unique item, or call out a new offering? 

Real estate is limited in each ad, which is why it’s important to write impactful, yet concise, copy. Be sure to include only the necessary tidbits that’ll explain the main idea. Additional details and enticing information will go in the description (which people commonly read last). 

Know Your Audience

Who is your audience? What would they like to see and how would they like to see it? Is the audience  young Gen-Zers searching on mobile devices? Or a group of homeowners who likely want something done quickly? At Gemini, we dig into the demographic and psychographic information; this will help us build a successful ad copy strategy. 

Ad Copy Tips and Tricks

Here are a few tricks to writing the best ad copy: 

  • Include Promotional Copy. If a client is running a promotion, we suggest including it in their ad copy. This is click-worthy and can set a company apart from their competition. 
  • Include Numbers. This technique can draw attention to an ad. Some examples of this are “70 Years of Experience,” “100+ Unique Designs,” or “Free Shipping On Orders $40+.”
  • Capitalize the first letter of each word. Capitalizing the first letter of each word helps an ad to stand out and look more professional against a more juvenile lowercase.
  • Use hypothetical questions in headlines.  This technique can be used to pique interest and get a user to interact with your ad. An example of this is “Need Service Now?” 
  • Include a company’s value proposition in the ad copy. 
  • Speak directly to the customer by using “you” and “your” in the copy
  • Test out new ad copy often to see what works and what doesn’t. 
  • Include keywords you’re bidding on in your ad copy. When someone is searching for a term or phrase and an ad speaks to that term or phrase, that user is more likely to click on it. Keywords should ideally be used two to three times throughout the ad copy. 
  • Include a Call to Action (CTA). Clearly asking the searcher to do something can help ignite action, in turn boosting performance. Some examples of CTAs are “Give Us A Call Today” and “Sign Up For Our Newsletter.”

When and How Should I Optimize Ad Copy? 

No matter how unique or good your ad copy is, a time will come when you’ll need to optimize it or pivot your strategy. The paid media professionals at Gemini AMS will constantly monitor performance, make small tweaks when necessary, and look for warning signs (like a large decrease in Click Through Rate or poor Conversion Rate, for example). 

When optimizing ad copy, look for new changes in company offerings or in the competitive landscape. Additionally, try rewording current headlines and descriptions and continue testing. Keep in mind that your ad copy is important regardless of the performance of your ad. 

Get Help From an Agency Partner

Strong copy is essential to successful search ads—and that strong copy needs to be monitored, tested, and optimized. This is an important yet time consuming cycle. Partner with an agency like Gemini to help you craft ads that convert and stay up to date with industry trends! For instance, when writing ad copy you need to be cognizant of tight character limits and prohibited content. 

An agency will be able to navigate these hurdles. Additionally, as Google continues to lean on machine learning for their advertising, companies will need to find crafty solutions to boost performance. Gemini can help you build solid marketing and advertising strategies that will resonate with your audience. Ready to get started? Get in touch today!