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Serving up delicious food with logistical precision requires incredible attention to detail. So much so, that it’s easy to dedicate precious hours to daily operations and overlook the impact digital marketing for catering or food delivery can have on your long-term business development.

Utilizing a digital marketing agency to create a campaign for your eatery or catering business is a great way to expand your reach and increase your customer base without having to step out of the kitchen.  Digital marketing offers opportunities in different channels like SEO, Paid search and social media to help you land those big-ticket events and repeat customers.

Why digital marketing for food services creates bigger appetites for your business

People turn to the internet when they need food. On average, a whopping 1,5000,000 people search “food delivery near me” every month. Another 135,000 search “catering near me.” Google Trends show these queries are consistent day by day, especially during the workweek. A significant number of hungry people or people planning events are actively looking for your services online.

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If your business isn’t represented in search results, you risk losing out to your competition. To be competitive, your business needs to rank among the top results with a web page that is optimized for both desktop and mobile results. A digital agency like Gemini can develop marketing strategies for your food delivery business or show you how to promote your catering business.

Now you might be wondering if you want to compete with other companies for these (or other) queries. Maybe your restaurant doesn’t want to compete with a large catering company since you provide a different service. Or perhaps you, as a corporate catering company specializing in larger events, don’t want to compete with delivery companies like Uber Eats and Bite Squad. Whatever your niche may be, a team of marketing professionals can increase your presence and expand your base with hungry new customers.

Marketing strategies that will grow your catering business or food service

Our digital pantry is stocked, it’s just a matter of matching the right ingredients to your business’ unique recipe. These are the marketing channels we leverage to bring your business measurable results.

Website development, design and auditing

Food service Website

The foundation of your online presence is a website that not only looks professional but is also designed to convert new customers. Your virtual storefront represents your brand, your service, and the quality of your product. You want a site that whets customer’s appetites, so they don’t 86 you and click elsewhere.  High quality images, compelling content and an easy to navigate user experience will keep them at the table.

Your site should grab customer’s attention and guide through the buying process. Start with informative appetizers and work your way through a multi-course menu that ultimately leaves them feeling satisfied and ready for the check. When visitors to your website like what they see, they’ll be back for seconds.

A web dev team backed by talented content creators can refine your site or create a whole new one. We’ll make sure your site deftly guides users through your services and answers all their questions.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Food service SEO

Your website needs to be designed to show up on organic search results pages. It’s the seasoning that stimulates search engine taste buds.

When someone Googles a query, the results page will show a combination of ads, and sites (“organic”) that Google’s algorithms determine are the most relevant to that search. Like organic foods, organic traffic is the natural result of well cultivated growing efforts. High quality websites that serve the user’s intent rank higher than poorly managed and outdated sites.

Showing up in organic results does not cost money like ads do, but it does require time and thought. You need to build up your site’s content and authority. This is a long game that doesn’t yield instant results but pays off over time. The dessert is worth the wait.

Quality blogs on topics related to your business are a proven strategy for food delivery and catering marketing. A piece on “how to choose a catering company for your office party” for example would target a popular but specific query that would bring views to your site and, if done well, produce leads. An exceptional agency, like Gemini, will help you uncover these subjects and provide quality, SEO supported content writing. 

Paid Search Strategies

Food service paid search

While your SEO efforts are simmering, take advantage of paid placements on search result pages to immediately increase leads.

This works by bidding on keywords that your business values. When someone types that keyword(s) in their query, your ad is listed based on the search engine’s assessment of your keyword bid amount and your ad’s relevance and quality.

Like a good chef’s knife, an agency utilizes specialized tools to slice down to the most valuable keywords. The right cut ensures that your ads don’t just drive clicks, but actual leads with quality customers. And we continuously optimize this process to increase your leads and decrease costs over time. Everything is made from scratch.

Social Media and Reputation Management

Food service Social media

Social media and the food service industry go together like dry Riesling and sea bass. Social platforms can be used to capture new customers, increase brand awareness, build loyalty, get referral business, and spread your good reputation. It’s also a fun way to show off your mouth-watering offerings. We’ve all been across the table from that person who snaps a photo of their risotto before digging in.

Social media is incredibly widespread, with almost 3 billion users worldwide. These platforms gather an incredible amount of personal information of their users which makes for a marketer’s dream. It’s also one of the cheapest ways to advertise your catering business or food service. 

Gemini: your food service marketing partner that delivers 

Food service Sous chef

Adopting new methods and technology can be overwhelming. Think of us as your digital sous chef. We’ve got your back when it comes to marketing strategies for your catering or food delivery business. We’ll prep a winning campaign and serve results that boost your sales and attract new business. Ready to get started? Get in touch with Gemini today!