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McDonald’s, Nike, Sprint Among March Madness Ad Winners

McDonald’s was the most-consumed brand during March Madness, according to research from Amobee Brand Intelligence. Surveying 400,000 people – 72 percent of whom watched the games on TV; 16 percent online; and 12 percent some combination of the two – Extreme Reach saw a greater brand lift, or interaction with a brand following an advertisement, among men (65 percent) than women (51.7 percent), as well as among wealthier consumers. Brands saw a 121.3 percent brand lift among those whose incomes exceed $150,000; comparatively, that number was 58.7 percent for those who earn less than $50,000 annually. Clickz

Twitter Reveals ‘Retweet With Comment’ for Added Engagement

Micro-blogging website Twitter has launched a “retweet with comment” feature, allowing users to feature other tweets in their own posts without using up available characters and adding an extra level of engagement for consumers. The new feature, which Twitter started testing last summer, is likely to be welcomed with open arms by loud-mouthed users of the social network, ahem, who now have more room to offer their own opinion on someone else’s. Clickz

Hulu’s GIF Search Engine Offers TV Fans Tumblr-Based Experience

The new project, called “The Perfect GIF,” is powered by Tumblr. Capitalizing on its licensed and original content, Hulu has branded 1,400 GIFs with a TV show’s name and network, accompanied by the hashtag #hulu. Because such content is only accessible through Hulu, other GIF sites like Giphy and Imgur are not able to offer these kinds of TV-related images. The GIF search engine could potentially be used as a promotional channel for Hulu and its content partners, but the company hasn’t yet revealed plans to produce sponsored GIFs for other brands to gain extra ad revenue. Search Engine Watch

Google Says The Penguin & Panda Algorithms Still Require Manual Data Pushes

For those of you wondering what is going on with Google’s popular Panda update and Penguin update, you are not alone. In short, it has been quiet and there have been no confirmed updates or data refreshes for either algorithm since 2014. Yesterday, in a Google hangout, Google told us that the algorithms aren’t updating regularly, that someone at Google kind of has to push them out manually. Search Engine Land

Microsoft Partners With Getty Images to Bring New Image-Based Services to Bing

Digital media company Getty Images has announced it is partnering with Microsoft to bring new image-based products and services to Bing and Cortana. Over the next few years, the two companies are going to be working together to provide immediate access to the Getty Images library in an effort to enhance the Microsoft user experience. With the two companies now working together it will interesting to see what new image-based functionally they can bring to web search. Microsoft has yet to comment on the partnership. Search Engine Journal

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