You’re a medium sized business. You have 50 employees, you cover five states, your products and services are best suited for B2C, and you have a marketing budget of $100,000 a year. Assuming you already have an established name, logo, and website, what do you do now? What is the best, most effective way to allocate your marketing dollars to ensure optimal results?

Unless you have a crystal ball (which I doubt), the answer to this question is murky at best. How can you maximize the results of your marketing campaign while reducing risk? These questions plague businesses of all sizes and verticals paralyzed by fear of making critical mistakes.

Our job is to come up with solutions to your list of never-ending questions. The world of digital marketing can easily seem like a bottomless pit of buzzwords and jargon, but in the end all you need is a strategy that works for YOU. In this blog series called “Digital Marketing Solutions for Your Business,” we will introduce several digital strategies that satisfy a wide range of business goals from leads to ROI to brand awareness.

So what now? You’ve heard pitches, read articles, and talked to colleagues, but still can’t come up with a straight answer. Here’s your first step: stop and regroup. What are your goals? Growth, of course—but how? Brand awareness? Engagement? leads? Increased ROI?

The next step to determining an appropriate strategy is to determine how you will measure success. Impressions? Clicks? Website visits? Time-on-site? Video views? Page Depth? Trackable phone calls? There are virtually limitless possibilities. One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is the availability of an abundance of data—what you choose to do with it is an entirely different beast. Our job as an agency is to help decipher what each bit of data means and how we can manage your programs the most successfully for your business.

In coming weeks, this blog series will help you navigate the expansive digital marketing landscape to determine which strategy is the solution for your business.