Gemini recently attended MIMA’s event of the month. The topic-de-jour was “Through the Tumblr Looking Glass: The Future of Blogging” presented by Rick Webb. As a consultant at Tumblr, Mr. Webb walked us through the history of blogging. While the practice is relatively new, it has evolved immensely over the past couple decades.

Blogging began with tortured teenagers utilizing the internet to vent their inner-most thoughts. A public journal if you will. In the mid-2000’s, companies grew more and more comfortable blogging about what they were working on. From there, it became a tool for companies to interact with their stakeholders. A blog can serve as an outlet for PR, brand awareness and social interaction. It can have many benefits for companies and in the best interest of practicing what I preach, I have decided to commence the Gemini Agency Dog Blog.

We here at Gemini would love to provide you with a look into what is happening with us. Because just as our industry, we are ever-changing!

-Clair Wenzel