Gruen’s Guiding Principles

This week, our blog focuses on a couple of Gruen’s core values because they are at the root of everything we do. As an agency, we believe that the more transparent we are, the stronger our relationships will be.  In the spirit of openness and transparency, read more about the foundation of Gruen:

Check the ego at the door. There are a couple of people who work here who, I swear, know everything. No joke. From creative to analysis, there is a huge amount of brainpower in this office, but you’d never know based on the size of the egos. Everyone at Gruen is constantly teaching, learning and sharing, making it a great working environment for both new and experienced employees.

Keep things fun. I’ve never laughed so hard. It may be hard to believe, but not a single day goes by without a belly laugh in our office. Whether we’re exchanging stories about alleged “thugs” (read: wind) knocking over garden urns, bad style choices, or passive aggressive comments about Diet Kirk in the blog, laughter keeps our office running.